Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 Topics to Avoid on a First Date

First dates are meant for getting to know someone enough to decide if you want to see them again, not for uncovering all the good, bad, and ugly things about each other right from the start. Your date is just trying to see if you two might be compatible and if there is chemistry between you, so keep conversation relatively light. Avoid the following 5 topics on a first date or your first message to someone on Set For Marriage, and you may well be on your way to a second date or getting a reply.

1. Your ex

Do not bring up your ex. If your date brings up the subject, it’s best to gloss over the relationship without divulging all the sordid details. Keep in mind that your date does not want to hear the whole story of your relationship and why it didn’t work out. A date is not a therapy session! Furthermore, resist the urge to speak negatively of your ex, even if they were positively heinous. This just makes you seem bitter and is a big turn-off. On the other hand, don’t gush about how great your ex was, because this gives the impression that you have not moved on. They may also wonder if they could ever live up to the ex in your mind.

2. Health issues

Unless you have a condition that is absolutely necessary for you to share right away with your date, do not talk about your medical problems on a first date. People want to have uplifting conversation on a first date, and a rundown of your physical or even mental ailments do not fit into that category.

3. Financial Difficulties

In our current economy, many people are experiencing financial hardships. However, a first date is not the time to discuss any financial difficulties you may be facing. It’s best to display a positive attitude about your situation and not get into detail about this subject.

4. Sex

Do not bring up this topic with someone you don’t know that well. The conversation has the potential to be awkward, and does not send the message that you are looking for a serious relationship. Zip it.

5. Politics and Religion

Your mother always told you that it’s bad manners to talk about religion or politics at the dinner table. As a general rule, this applies to first dates too.

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