Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 Ways to Approach a Woman Without Using a Cheesy Pick-Up Line

This one’s for you, gentlemen. How many times has a woman caught your eye, but you didn’t go talk to her because you weren’t sure how to approach her? As amusing as lines like “Hey angel, what time do you have to be back in heaven?” can be, they will most often result in either an evil glare or a chuckle as she walks away. Here are a few more realistic tips to approaching that pretty lady who just might be your next date.

  • Keep it simple. Walk up to her and introduce yourself, then ask her a question. “Hi, I’m David. Are you having a good time?”

  • Observe something funny or interesting happening nearby, and then make a comment to her. “Hey, I just saw that guy double dip in the salsa, so might want to steer clear of it.”

  • Find common ground with her. When at a party or some kind of event, ask her how she knows the host or if she has been to this type of function before.

  • Ask her opinion. For example, if you are at the produce section in the grocery store, ask her the best way to pick out a cantaloupe. If you are at a shoe store, ask her what she thinks of a pair of shoes you are trying on. Women love to give their opinions!

Once you have broken the ice, ask her a few questions about herself if she seems open to talking further.

Remember, a confident man is an attractive man, so act confident in your approach (even if you aren’t). Be careful not to come across as cocky, though. She doesn’t want to hear you brag about how wealthy or successful you are.

Do you have any icebreakers that have worked for you? Share them with us!

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